Sunday, March 27, 2011

A missing piece

Part of the wood "pile" left today.
I know it's inevitable, it's a part of life. But I still don't like it. I guess some parents are anxiously waiting for their kids to spread there wings, become independent and  leave home. But I'm not one of them. Sure there's one less mouth to feed, one less person to pick up after. But after homeschooling for so many years and always having the family together, it's a weird feeling to have one leave. There's a piece of the family missing; the kid that makes me laugh. The kid that sits down and plays the piano once in a while. The kid that leaves his greasy, gas smelling work clothes at the bottom of the stairs after work. The kid that doesn't always clean up his mess in the kitchen. The kid with the handsome smile. (Ok, they all have that.)
Don't get me wrong. I do want them to become independent, confident, responsible adults and go out on their own. I'm just not good at changes, especially when it has to do with my kids. I miss them when they're not around.
Well, at least I'm getting eased into this "empty nest" thing. The first one will only be gone for spring quarter, then home for the summer. When fall rolls around, both the older two will be off full time.
And the last "chunk of the pile", well, he won't be heading out for a few years yet.