Wednesday, March 27, 2013


Two days ago (on a whim) I decided to put an ad up for my mini gelding, Wally. I didn't really need to place him. He doesn't cost much to keep, but the poor guy is low man on the totem pole and is always getting harassed by the big horses. The little guy usually stays at the back of the pasture by his lonesome. So I thought if something good came along, I'd let him go. Of course my ad stated, "to good home only, references required".

"Summer coat"
"Winter woolies"

To back up a bit, I bought Wally almost three years ago from a lady that rescued him. (The guy didn't even have a name for him, just called him "horse" and kept him in a small pen to use as a teaser stallion for his mares.) How sad. She advertised him as "cart trained". I bought him thinking he would be fun to have around for any visiting children, especially my nephew. He was mellow and great with the kids. They could brush him all over and do whatever with him. We eventually found a harness and then a cart. Well, we only hooked him up once ( a friend came over to do it, since I didn't have a clue!) And since we didn't have a bit for the bridle we just led him around pulling the cart.

"Willy & Wally"~ two gentle souls

Well, I placed the ad one day and the next got a call from a gal that said he was just what they were looking for! They are a horse family and do a lot of carting with their big horses. Her mom is now in a wheelchair and they'd been hoping to find a little horse and cart; something her mom could transfer herself into from her wheelchair. They came out the following morning (this morning actually) and took him home!

I just got an email update from her:

"We just love Wally.  He got his first ride on the ferryboat home. He did great on the trip home. We each brushed & brushed on him. He just loved it .Then "M" lead him around the farm. He got used to my wheelchair & loved all the attention. For the time being we have put him in his own stall in the barn with his own access to a run of his own. Where he can see the goats, geese @ other horses & get used to us.   We just love him. Wally will have  a good home with lots of  attention.  Thank you so much. We are going to make him a new blanket using the blanket you gave us tomorrow so he won' t be cold when we trim him this weekend. We will send pictures. Thank you so much. 

I am thrilled with the loving, caring home Wally has gone too. Have a wonderful life, Wally. You deserve it!

Thursday, March 7, 2013

The Five Seasons

Growing up I was always taught (as I'm sure everyone was) there are four seasons; spring, summer, fall, and winter. Since moving to Washington, I have since learned there are actually five! Yep, I've been taught wrong. We've all been lied to. In between winter and spring, is the season of "Mud."

All winter everything has been covered in snow. Things are finely warming up just a tad; enough that snow is starting to melt, ground is starting to thaw and now the rain comes. Warmer temperature (thaw) plus rain (and melting snow) equals mud!

Let me illustrate....
This is a red roan appaloosa mare, normally mostly white with red varnish marks.
This horse is a good color for the season of "Mud". She is grulla, but gets this chocolate (also called "dirt colored") coat in winter. So if she is dirty, *whispers* you can't tell.
This is a beautiful buckskin (yeah right!). At this point I would call him "camouflage".
This is my stately (right now portly) half Arab. He is a light grey, hence his name "Silver".
He likes to do things thoroughly. When you get dirty, cover all sides!
Up close and personal. Yep, that's ground in dirt!
Another view of the grim, mud, dirt. Do you know how long it will take me to get this light horse clean again? Oh, what's the point right now!
This is my Arabian. She is too regal and elegant to get dirty. Or if she did she wouldn't tell you. ;)
(Actually I think she looks pretty good for a horse that will turn 29 in about three weeks.)

Can I just give a little endorsement here? I love my #MuckBoots! I've never had a pair, but finally splurged last year and bought some. I no longer need snow boots and rubber boots. These Muck boots get me through  four of the five seasons; fall, winter, spring and the season of "Mud".