Wednesday, January 15, 2014


First there were three, then there were two, now there is one.

I can't believe we've gone from three active, wonderful watchdogs down to one in a span of six months.

Jack was always the family favorite, having grown up with the boys. So it was a terrible blow to the whole family when he got cancer and had to be put down last summer. Moriah has always been "my" dog and very attached to me since I raised her from a pup. Echo came to us as an adult. She's been a handful and not always cooperative and obedient. But overall she has been a good girl, super watchdog, excellent walking partner and loved by everybody that met her. I am sad she died and she will be missed around her for sure. But I feel bad mostly for Moriah. She's lost her two best buds. I know she will be lonesome. She has nobody to romp and play, explore the woods and bark at the cars with.

Tonight I went out the garage door to do my evening chores (feeding horses and dogs). Moriah was waiting for me as I lifted the door, then headed straight over to where Echo was (still laying) on the porch (covered up). (Duane had covered her when he found her after work since he couldn't do anything with her tonight. We'll have to bury her tomorrow.) Poor Moriah, she sniffed Echo, nosed around on her and whined like she was trying to tell me something was wrong with her friend. It was heartbreaking to watch.

Tomorrow we will bury the big girl and spend some extra time with Moriah. Unfortunately, losses are a part of life. Not a good part, but a part of this sin sick world. I'm thankful God has a better place He is preparing for us all. And there will "be no more death, neither sorrow, nor crying, neither shall there be any more pain".

I have this little chicken...

she's not very pretty
In fact, some would say she's down right ugly.
But you can't blame her. She's the only bantam chicken I have left (from a little flock a few years back) and everyone else picks on her. So she's missing some feathers on her head and she's kind of skinny.
In the summer she runs off by herself to scratch and roam in the yard. But in the winter, she stays inside the chicken house since all of them are penned up right now.
This picture is kind of dark, but over on the left wall are nest boxes. She usually waits for me there while I go outside and feed everyone else. Then I put a handful of food in the nest box with her so she can eat unmolested. If she happens to be on the ladder, she'll wait and let me pick her up and move her to the nest box to eat. We've become friends this chicken and I.

Today I decided to give her her own "palace". She really needs to put on more weight. This way she can eat all she wants and be afraid of getting picked on.
I mean can you blame her for being intimidated?! Look at these big 'ol chickens she has to be with. The black one in the back left of the picture  is half bantam. You can see she's a bit smaller than the rest, but still is quite a bit bigger than the little "Mama."
Oh, and here's "Hopsing", my rooster. (Can you tell I grew up watching Bonanza?) 
All settled in. Hopefully she'll do better here.

Monday, January 13, 2014

Today's walk

I decided to make my walk today a bit more challenging! Instead of walking down the "road' (our driveway) with the dogs, I went a bit cross country and led the horse too. I thought I might as well get us both out and about, and working on getting in shape. Plus, poor Silver hasn't been out of his pasture on a trail in quite a while (but that's another story).
Hope you enjoyed our trail!

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Morning praise

When I awoke this morning and ventured outside into the freshly fallen snow, my eyes turned upward through the treetops to this magnificent sky. And this song came to mind:

"For the beauty of the earth
 For the beauty of the skies
 For the love which from our birth
 Over and around us lies
 Lord of all, to Thee we raise
 This our grateful song of praise"

I got distracted on my walk the other morning...

.....can you blame me?
My walking buddies
It's hard to see in the picture, but this is what I call, "snow glitter". The snow is almost blinding with the glittering little pieces reflecting the sun's light. Awesome!
As you can imagine, it took me longer than usual to complete my walk; so much of God's handiwork to admire!