Sunday, April 3, 2011


I’m gazing out the window at cottony, white clouds floating through a cornflower blue sky….sigh. I love spring! The birds are returning sharing their sweet carols; little busy bodies clamoring around the feeders for a quick meal.  Little sprigs of fresh green grass are starting to peak their heads through the dried up grass and weeds of last year, bulbs shooting their way upward from the bleak ground.
Spring gives us a sense of renewal. After a long and cold winter with many storms and the ground heavily covered with snow, it gives hope for something new and refreshing. New life… whether it is in the plants, the animals or ourselves; hope for new ideas, dreams, and goals.
It’s time to get outside! It’s time to putter in the freshly exposed dirt, time to rake the long hidden pine needles, brush out the rapidly shedding horses and give the dogs their spring grooming. Just to be outside in the fresh air and sunshine. The sun had been hidden most of the winter, and now with its bright face shining on earth; it gives a person a whole new outlook!
I love spring!