Wednesday, July 6, 2011


If you've been to our house before you've probably met Pete. Peter The Parakeet (first, middle and last names).
Austin bought him about eight years ago when he was just about two months old. He makes cute little chipping noises, sometimes they're more then cute and little! He also wolf whistles and says "pretty boy". Of course, I'm the only one in the family that can understand him, everyone else thinks I'm nuts!

Like I said, if you've been to our house you've probably met Pete, when he squeezes through the bars of his cage and flies around the room. (Kind of annoying when you're trying to eat and he's dive bombing the table). He's been known to land on a head or two also. There's never a dull moment with Pete around.

Now that's it finally warm and nice outside, I've cleaned up a little travel cage and hung it on the front porch so Pete can go outside and get some fresh air, and chirp as loud as his little heart desires!


I've found lots of babies around here today..
 Baby squash!

Baby Marigolds...

 Baby Pumpkin...

Baby Grapes.. birds in the pear tree! Can't believe something so pretty as an adult can be so homely looking as a baby. Mama Robin was scolding me the whole time I was taking pictures.

Baby Swallows quietly awaiting mom's return with lunch!

And of course, baby Cavapoos!