Thursday, February 6, 2014

You know it's cold outside when....... go out to do chores and your nostrils freeze together.

...your face gets so cold it hurts.
...your gloves get wet watering the animals and they stick to the metal handles of the wheelbarrow.

...the slop you feed to your old "grandma" horse (and she doesn't finish right away) freezes solid so now she can't eat it. have to use an axe on the water trough so the horses can drink (because it's too expensive to keep the trough heater plugged in!)

...if you don't pick the eggs up soon enough they freeze, expand and crack.

...even though you have two layers of pants on, your upper legs don't feel like they belong to you anymore.

...the horses of bugger-sicles.

 ...and lastly, the "outside watch-dog" has become an inside dog. *wink*