Friday, October 10, 2014

This is a first

It's funny how inanimate objects can mean so much to us sometimes. 

It might be a pair of cozy slippers that are broken in and molded to our feet. And we can't bare to throw them out even when our toes are starting to sneak out the front.

Or a little memento from a special date or vacation that brings back memories. And well, it doesn't take up that much space on our dresser.

Or moms, how about that adorable outfit you brought your firstborn home in?

I think the most special things are the ones with good memories attached.

This one is near and dear to my heart.
I know it's only a stainless steel bowl, you say. But it's more to me then that.

When this bowl came out it meant my mom was whipping up one of her incredible, flaky crusted, mouth watering (are you getting the picture?) apple pies.
Or dad was preparing his yummy b-b-q sauce for some special dinner. (Sorry, my vegetarian friends, but I did grow up eating meat;)

Memories, good memories is what this bowl is about.

Oh, and see that little ring on the side? When mom would open the cupboard to get that bowl out, you'd hear that thing "clang-clanging" against the side of the bowl.

So on my last trip home, guess what I snagged out of the kitchen? Yep, that bowl was my top priority! (Sorry dad, you'll have to use something else.) 

And now it has a special spot in my kitchen cupboard. And puts a smile on my face when I pull the shelf out and hear that ring doing it's thing. :D

And today, well I'm pretty sure it was a first for that old bowl. Pretty sure it's never been used before to make communion bread!
"Clang, clang"