Thursday, September 26, 2013

A good day in my kitchen :)

I consider this to be a good day in my kitchen. Lots got done. Of course, I didn't get much done anywhere else!

Homemade pizza for lunch!

Five quarts of pasta sauce made (after peeling all the tomatoes!) and canned.

A double recipe of Giant Carob Chip Cookies baked.
(Recipe from

One and a half bags of swiss chard washed, blanched, weighed, chopped and frozen. Ok, so this didn't actually get done until the next day :P

But I did get a batch of Lemon Poppy Muffins baked. (From my new cookbook; "The China Study Cookbook"

And made a batch Granola (also from made and into the oven. This is before it go all nicely toasted and crunchy.

Now to clean up the mess in the kitchen!

I just bathed my cat...

I don’t make a habit of bathing my cats. Most cats aren’t too enthusiastic about being put in a large sink and dosed with water. On, a funny note, this cat didn’t seem to mind. He purred the whole time I was scrubbing him and didn’t even mind the “getting wet” part or the rinsing. He is a strange creature.

The reason for the bath was a fly strip.

You know those fly strips. You hang them outside, in the barn, in the garage; to catch those nasty pests. They’re incredibly sticky, hence the reason why they work so well. You have to be very careful when you hang them. Don’t you dare touch the thing or you are stuck!

I happen to walk out the front door at just the right time. Sauntering across the front porch (with a strange look on his face) was Zeus. (Zeus is one of our “new” kittens that we picked up at the local feed store a few months ago to help with the rodent de-population.) Wrapped around Zeus’ neck, front legs and shoulder area was a fly strip. (I’m laughing just seeing it in my head again). Apparently, Zeus must have been in the garage (where I have several hanging), probably batting at it, like kittens do, and it “attacked” him! Guess the fly strip won. *wink

The "culprit" with the rubber gloves I used to safely remove it and bathe him.

So Zeus is now grooming himself (after his bath) locked in a wire dog crate until he’s dried. I still may have to shave part of his hair as part of him is still sticky. Although, I did manage to wash the dead flies off of him.