Saturday, April 19, 2014

We went anyway

It was starting to sprinkle as we left the house, but we went anyway. 
We hadn't been to the river yet this year. And it was a good time to get out of the house for some fresh air and a Sabbath afternoon walk.
I didn't think we'd stay to long. It looked like rain on the way and it was windy and not real warm.

Love the layers.

Austin thought ahead and brought our kite! This kite has some history. A special friend of ours use to fly it with Travis and Tyler when they were young. The three of them would head to his car after church and fly it in the parking lot. When we moved away almost sixteen years ago he gave it to the boys.
Right after this, the wind started whipping the kite around visciously until the string snapped. Duane had to make a run for it as the kite blew and tumbled down toward the river. Fortunately he was able to rescue our precious keepsake.

I love looking at all the rocks; the various shapes, sizes and colors are fascinating.

Man's best friend. Actually you'll see evidence in a moment that this dog happens to be "woman's" best friend;) hug!
Let me.......
And she's off! Gotta go see "mom"! Silly girl.
One more. I like it, they're both smiling.

Time to head home. It was windy and chilly, but I'm glad we went anyway.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Happy Birthday Silver!

Ten years ago this morning a gangly little colt was born here! Who knew what adventures (and drama!) we would have together over the past ten years. And how attached I've become to such a brat! He is definitely a combination of his mom, our purebred Arab and his dad, the cute little Welsh stallion we had for a while.

I love this picture of Megan. it seems to convey her name well, "Serenity". Plus she just looks so pretty. I copied this page out of our photo album. And she is pregnant with Silver here.

The opposite album page shows his "birth" day.

And of course, I had to put a page in with sire and dam pictures and his pedigree. He's a day old in these pictures. And I can't believe ten years later how much he looks like his dad! Thankfully, he got more of his mom's height.

So cute!

And he grew! Yearling photos.

And then it was time to go to "school" and learn how to be a riding horse. And learn some tricks along the way ;)

Family photo on his fifth birthday; mom-Megan, half-sister-Gracie and my silly boy!

On one of our many trail rides.

With his "partner-in-crime", Tonto. My sister-in-law's Appy gelding who has shared many "adventures" with Silver.

Yep, he'll do just about anything George asks him to do. George trained him and does his feet also in between my trims.
Happy birthday little buddy! I love you even though you're a brat. I hope we have many more years together. But sorry, no cake for you today. I saw those extra pounds you put on last winter. Don't worry I did the same thing.

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Morning in the barnyard

I love mornings in the barnyard. It's quiet and peaceful. The chickens are happy to be let out of their pen, the horses nicker for their breakfast and the dog and cats catch up on what's happened between bedtime and sunrise.

Nothing like a good back scratch first this in the morning.
My faithful companion...Moriah.

Friday, April 4, 2014

A Very Pleasant Day

Today was a very pleasant day. I've had so many unpleasant days theses past few months that this was truly a blessing.
A gorgeous spring day spent in the company of old friends, friendly new friends, beautiful horses, a couple of sweet dogs and wide open country places. It doesn't get much better than that!
Here's a couple beauties we met. (Um, Duane, the sweet, gentle mare on the left is for sale...*hint, hint*)
This palomino had the most unusual eyes, almost marbled looking. 
Such a beautiful part of the country! I could pack up and move here (and it's actually not far from where live.)

And what brought us here? It's an interesting story. The couple we met today have been raising and showing horses for years. They are the caring type of breeders that like to keep track of what happens to their babies. So one day "M" posted an ad in our local area, wondering if anyone knew of this certain horse (he gave a description, name and mentioned the area where the people lived who he sold it two 14 or so years previously.) My friend had purchased the horse from the first buyers when the horse was around three. She now lives across the state but another friend of hers spotted the ad and thought, "what are the chances that's the same horse?" Long story short, it was!

Here's are the breeders seeing their "baby" again after all those years!
And the bonus part, this mare has some old sought after bloodlines that people want, so she came to stay a while and be bred to this flashy, gaited guy.
He wasn't so sure about that camera thing clicking in his face ;)

We got plenty of dog love from this old sweetheart too. Isn't he a handsome thing?
It was an enjoyable day. A very pleasant day indeed!