Thursday, September 29, 2011

A Day in the Life of.......Me:)

5 am~Piper "alarm clock" goes off; let Piper and Pooh out. Go back to bed.

5:15~Let Piper back in.

5:30~Real alarm goes off. Hit snooze button three times.

6:00~Get up, let dogs out, fill water buckets, feed horses, give Scout his meds, get ready for trip to town.

7:00~Leave for town. Eat breakfast in truck. Drop Bunny off at the vet for spay surgery. Drive home.

(7:40~Normally, I'd be running my son to the "bus" stop right about now, but since I had to take the dog in, the college kid, dropped off the high school kid on his way in.

9:00~Arrive home. (Yes, we do live a ways from town). Check emails, phone calls, etc.

10:00~Let Piper out for a potty break, weigh pups, change Piper's bed, feed Piper, take Belle's temperature, take her out for a potty break and give her bath. Let Scout out again for potty break and put Belle's pic on FB.

10:55~Walk to in-laws to help brother-in-law unload moving truck. (He just moved here and got in late last night).

12:00~Home again; feed Pete (the parakeet), check emails, phone call, read The Pioneer Woman blog:) (Sorry it's my daily vice. Since I don't drink coffee or do chocolate, I think I'm entitled to some comic relief).

12:45~Tear myself away from computer to feed chickens, turn on drip system in garden, make spanish rice, (to go with beans I threw in the crock pot last night), put clean dishes away and wash MORE dirty dishes. (No, I don't have a dishwasher-I AM THE DISHWASHER).

1:00~Call vet and check on Bunny

1:15~Got call from head of social committee at church to discuss some plans. Yep, I'm on the social committee again. Throw husband's dirty, greasy, I mean work clothes in the wash. Then out to the garden to hand water what isn't on the drip system and pick vegies. (Sample cherry tomatoes and grapes while I'm out there). (And this is where I thought to take pictures.)

2:00 Put Scout in crate for nap, potty Belle, potty Piper...oops, can't pups are nursing. Check Facebook (sorry, it's my link to the outside world), eat squash puffs, finish shopping list while eating rice and beans.

2:30~Leave to pick up son at school. Eat cantaloupe for dessert while driving. *Note to self~don't do that again.

3:00~Pick up son at school, rush to car licensing office before they close at 3:30. (it's in another town).

3:20~Whew! Made it and car is now legal again:)

3:25~Stop at Big R (farm supply store) for my son who wants to look at boots and jeans. (I'm ok with this as it's my favorite store in town).

4:30~Drag ourselves out of Big R. I didn't have anything on my list here, but came out with chicken food (it was on sale), a cute T shirt (IT was on sale), my son got his jeans, (not on sale, but that's ok, because I didn't pay for them), and taffy. Taffy?! Who put taffy in my cart?!

My "sale" T shirt~isn't it cute?!

I told my husband, now we have to buy a tractor so the shirt would be totally true. He said, "We have one." Does a lawn tractor count?

4:30somethingish~Stop at my mobile office. Ok, so I don't really have a mobile's a gas station with free wi-fi.;) Didn't stay long though because I was having "technical difficulties" with my computer.

4:50~Stop for fuel. The truck was thirsty.

5:15~Pick up Bunny at the vet. She was still pretty groggy.

5:30~Arrive at......

6:55~Ok, so we were in there a while. But hey, I only go to town once a week for shopping.
And when you live in a small town setting like we do, you usually run into people you know. Sometimes if you don't see them in the store, they leave secret coded messages on your truck window with their chapstick. (I know my window is dirty..)

7:50~Arrive home. *tired sigh* Unload truck, let dogs out to potty, feed horses, make lunches for tomorrow, feed dogs and put to bed, give Scout his meds and temp Belle again.

9:00~Crash on the couch for a while before heading off to bed. (Oh, man, I shouldn't have bought that new video...) Night all!

Thanks for following me through my day....... stalker;)

More "Maters"

So thankful for our tomato crop this year and don't want to waste any! So far I've canned pasta sauce, salsa, and pizza sauce. I might try some ketchup, more salsa and just plain 'ol canned tomatoes.

Wish I could grow these year round!

My helper for the day:)

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Did I mention....

I'm behind on my blog posts. I've got some ideas and photos I've been wanting to share. There's the walk at the river, oh, and that story about Jack, my first 4H show, etc, but I've been busy canning.

This is a super busy time of year for a garden. Things are ripening, therefore they need to be harvested and then or course, preserved if you want to keep the excess.

We picked a bunch of tomatoes and they had been sitting around the dining room and needed tending to. What a process!

There was the pasta sauce....

And the salsa......

Oh, then it was time to pick the green beans again. We haven't had a good crop of green beans in a long time, so I'm preserving as much as possible.
I really need to catch up on my blogging. Oh, there's our hay making story, and the campout, the evening at the river with friends.

But, once I got the tomatoes under control, I had to do something with the beets.
Oh, no! It's time to go pick the tomatoes again! Did I mention I've been busy canning?

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Swiss Chard

Yes, that is Swiss Chard and yes, we do eat it.

Yes, that is a garbage bag full of chard.

Yep, that's one and half rows of Swiss Chard. I'm not to good with measurements, but I think the rows are about 20-25 feet long. Maybe it's 200-250 feet. It's a lot. And I only picked about of a third of the way down.

Yes, that's a leaf. One leaf. One really big leaf. Don't cha just love the red veins?!

No, we don't eat all of it. We share.

Yep, I think they enjoyed it. Even though it wasn't steamed with a bit of lemon juice on it. (That's the way I like it.)

And, yep, I am wearing cowboy boots with shorts. Nope, those aren't white pants....those are my shorts, and my legs. Sorry for the glare.


Ophidiophobia or ophiophobia is the fear of snakes. It's also sometimes know as, herpetophobia. I don't know why they can't just make it a bit easier and called it snakeophobia. And really, this blog isn't about the fear of snakes. Well, maybe a little.

We attended a farewell party for a dear friend last night who is moving from the area. She brought much laughter and fun to our lives and will be dearly missed. When we got the invitation to attend it asked if everyone would please bring a snack food to contribute to the meal. Specifically, we were asked to bring something that reminded us of the guest of honor. Hmmm... what to take? Something sweet? Something fun? Oh, I have an idea!

You see, this friend has a well know disgust, fear, um...might I say terror of snakes?! Knowing that, and remembering the day she called very upset because a huge rattlesnake and our neighbor's cat were having a stare-down in her driveway. (Don't worry my son came to her rescue. Her, the friend...oh, and the cat!) I thought I should somehow make a snake-cake to take to the party. Easier said, then done. Don't worry I didn't make it too real looking (I know, it looks more like a first grader made it. But it really did look way better in my head!)

It's kind of hard to tell, but it has a forked licorice tongue and frosting fangs:)and the head is propped up a bit. Anyways, I think she got a kick out of it. And I think she even ate part of the "snake". How's that for overcoming your fears!